22 Aug. Rotterdam, Gouda

Den Haag 2006.8.21 NS 8.21 Rotterdam Centraal

Rotterdam Centraal 2006.8.22 NS 8.22 Gouda

Gouda 2006.8.22 NS 8.22 Rotterdam Centraal 8.23 NS 8.23 Amsterdam Centraal

I slept almost half a day. I went out to look around Rotterdam on foot of course.

Rotterdam’s first impression what I felt yesterday was quite good. It was more than I expected. In fact, I knew almost nothing about this city but it was the largest port in Europe and redevelopment had been going on since WWII. The tallest building of Netherlands was also in here but Amsterdam. I could see most of places were well-organised quarter by quarter.

I found Dutch people like to ride bicycles very much as well as Belgians do. And also dogs were loved very much. Sometimes I could even see the person who is carrying dogs with riding bicycle.

I couldn’t miss an art gallery even I had to pay. It was worth to pay because it had a large collection from Rembrandt to Picasso.

The city was bigger than I expected but still affordable to walk.

When I have finished today’s tour I still had enough time, so I decided quickly to visit another city by train in the evening. So I’ve been to Gouda.

Gouda was just a small town but it shows typical Dutch city I supposed.

The city centre was surrounded by canal, and there were a few marvelous buildings at the very centre of the city. I didn’t need to spend much time there because I found the city very quickly so I ordered a glass of Heineken to taste the beer which is very famous Dutch.

I bought chips in Mc and the sales-clerk was speaking English very fluent with me even it was very small city which is not really touristic. Maybe it’s easier than Asians to learn English because there are only some differences, I guess.

I’ll leave tomorrow and arrive at Amsterdam.



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