23 Aug. Amsterdam

Gouda 2006.8.22 NS 8.22 Rotterdam Centraal 8.23 NS 8.23 Amsterdam Centraal

Amsterdam Centraal 2006.8.24 ICE 8.24 Köln Hbf 8.24 train 8.24 Bonn Hbf

I ran to the station to take a train departs at 10:49 but there was also another train at 11 o’clock. In front of the station, they were building something as well as Rotterdam. I checked-in a hostel which is located near the station. I didn’t have time to get ready to look around this city so I started today’s tour at 3 p.m.

The first impression of Amsterdam was so so. I expected it would be quiet like typical Dutch city but it was internationalised city. I didn’t need to try to speak in Dutch from the first time. Most of people in here were able to speak English very well and I found there were not only original Dutch people here but also many tourists like Asians or black people.

Streets were almost well-developed as shopping area which is good for earning money from foreigners. Restaurants were also various.

Frankly speaking, I’d a bit disappointed by this city. Because I expected something `Dutch’.

Of course I was able to find something looks like Dutch at the famous canal sides. This city’s old centre was surrounded by three main canals and also River Amstel. There were several boats always going by water and houses nearby the water were quite narrow. This is the typical image on this country I’ve got.

Van Gogh Museum’s entrance fee was €10 which is expensive but I thought it was worth to pay. Then I was able to see the real masterpieces of Vincent’s including 자화상, 감자먹는사람들, 해바라기, 아를의침실, 씨뿌리는사람 etc. I’d like to possess some paintings when I get old, one of Dali’s, one of Piccaso’s and one of Vincent’s.

I went to Anne Frank House for the last destination but it was already closed. However I saw the house closing floor by floor. It was not easy to see inside but I could hear sounds from inside easily.

I’m afraid that I haven’t visit the Windmills or Tulips fields which is typical in this country.



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