24 Aug. Bonn, Köln

Amsterdam Centraal 2006.8.24 ICE 8.24 Köln Hbf 8.24 train 8.24 Bonn Hbf

Bonn Hbf 2006.8.24 train 8.24 Köln Hbf

Köln Hbf 2006.8.25 train 8.25 Düsseldorf Hbf 8.25 train 8.25 Dortmund Hbf 8.25 train 8.25 Köln Hbf

Köln Hbf 2006.8.26 08:00 train 8.26 Koblenz Hbf

I had to take breakfast out because I woken up a bit late due to last night’s happening. Spanish girls were not sleeping because of mice. So I did laundry first when I arrived at Köln. This is also my first visiting of German city.

I went to Bonn to visit Beethoven house before closing. I joined a guided tour which looked not free actually. Something made me surprised was a Korean restaurant next to the house named ‘맛있는청혼’. But a part from the house, there was not really many things to see.

I came back to Köln’s hostel where I can use free Internet! I received emails including Nicole’s. She’ll be at Dresden after 2 Sept. So I think it’s better to change my itinerary so that I can see her there.

My first impression was same as I thought before. People were not kind but also not bad, I would say just ‘German’. However, girls were not as beautiful as I expected. I might expect too much. I think Dutch girls are much beautiful and also kind with smiling.

In Köln, it’s not really a big city but it looked the Dom was the most important. I remember that a woman who went to Edinburgh with me told me there was nothing to see in Germany except men and dogs. I replied it is women but men. But I couldn’t find which is true yet. I need more time to feel Germany.

I had to visit Governments quarter in Bonn and Media quarter in Köln but I couldn’t find them due to distance and time. I’ve just decided to stay here one more night. Maybe I’ll visit Düsseldorf or Dortmund. Probably Aachen as well if I have enough time.

I also want to feel the river Rhine so maybe I’ll do something special afterwards.



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