25 Aug. Düsseldorf, Dortmund

Köln Hbf 2006.8.25 train 8.25 Düsseldorf Hbf

Düsseldorf Hbf 2006.8.25 train 8.25 Dortmund Hbf

Dortmund Hbf 2006.8.25 train 8.25 Köln Hbf

I went to Düsseldorf first. The town was well organised and it made me not to know where to visit first. The riverside was beautiful, it has also ‘Japanese quarter’. It seemed to there were many Japanese habitants in here. There was Goethe museum but unfortunately it was already closed. I didn’t know here would have Goethe museum but I was really disappointed to miss the world famous Goethe’s museum.

I went to Dortmund after visiting Düsseldorf. This city looked like a big modernised city. I don’t know if it’s true or not but one thing’s sure that it had held worldcup a few months ago. The streets were well organised and seemed to be newly built. There were many squares which is well preserved. I could also see some beaches which’s shapes are football like.

I wanted to visit many places in short time so I couldn’t visit them all. So I had to decide where to visit after Dortmund. I gave up to visit Aachen. I wanted to visit government quarter in Bonn or Media centre in Köln. It was too late to visit another city so I decided to go back to the city where I got a hostel to stay tonight.

It was my second time to stay two nights in same city. The last time was Rotterdam. I couldn’t manage the time very well at that moment, I visited Den Haag and Gouda including Rotterdam of course. But this time I visited four cities, Bonn, Köln, Düsseldorf and Dortmund.

I went to Media centre in Köln before go to bed. It was really nice place. I would regret it if I didn’t visit there. I’m going to visit the river Rhine from tomorrow.



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