26 Aug. Koblenz, Mainz

Köln Hbf 2006.8.26 08:00 train 8.26 Koblenz Hbf

Koblenz Hbf 2006.8.26 16:48 IC2121

IC2121 2006.8.26 17:40 Mainz Hbf

Mainz Hbf 2006.8.27 train 8.27 Frankfurt Hbf

I took a train to Koblenz following scenic route suggested on my railmap. I dropped by Koblenz in daytime but didn’t have any map or guide because it was just a small city so I had to buy a map which shows all the region around the river Rhine. It became really helpful to me. It includes from Köln to Mainz which is located near Frankfurt. But I didn’t realise it included also some important town maps so I felt difficulty to find ways in Mainz later.

Koblenz has one of the most important German attraction, ‘Deutsches Eck’ where two river meets each other. And opposit, there was one of the largest fortresses in the world which has good-looking. But I didn’t want to climb up there so I just came back to the station.

I had a seat to the riverside view to take pictures in the train. There were a lot of ‘bergs’ or ‘burgs’ on the way. I was busy to take photos without break. I’ve never seen such a beautiful riverside. I wanted to stop at Boppard but didn’t have enough time. Unfortunately I found ‘Loreley’ but couldn’t find the statue. I’ll find it later when going to Luxembourg. I arrived at Mainz and found youth hostel hardly. Here was the town of Gutenberg. But not only that the town itself was very beautiful. But it was not easy to find ways so I had to ask girls to get back to my hostel.

I wanted to visit Kaub as well but didn’t have enough time so I’ll go there later on the way to Luxembourg on tomorrow. I’m going to visit Frankfurt first and the airport to check the status and get some information about my flight back to Korea. I’m a little bit in a worry about that.



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