27 Aug. Frankfurt

Mainz Hbf 2006.8.27 train 8.27 Frankfurt Hbf

Frankfurt 2006.8.27 train 8.27 Mainz Hbf 8.28 train 8.28 Koblenz Hbf 12:22 train 13:47 Trier Hbf

I went to Frankfurt today. It was called European economic centre. That’s maybe because it has European central bank. It was also famous for nice sky-scrappers so that Kumho tyre’s advertisement was once taken from this city. I found one advertisement right in front of the Hbf with Kia motors. It looked really korean friendly. Actually, I was able to find many Koreans in the streets. I guess there’s one more reason. Asiana airlines has air routes to and from Frankfurt and it was the only city Asiana flight comes in the European continent. The others near are London and İstanbul. That’s why I thought that it has possibility to take a flight from Frankfurt to Korea. Not only that reason, but also it’s airport is said that the largest in Europe. Although it’s smaller than Asian airports.

I visited Architecture museum. In there, I lost a map which I bought in the Hbf as €0.50. I had to change my walking tour itinerary so walked directly to central square and went into tourist information. I got the same map as a free when the assistant was not at the position. I started walking tour as I planned. The most important in this city looked as it’s economy. It was really German’s, or maybe whole Europe’s economic centre. It has many famous banks in Europe. And I like that kind of views which means modern and practical.

I went to the airport in the evening on the way back to Mainz. I asked about luggage allowance to Lufthansa, Air France, and British Airways. KAL and Asiana were all closed unfortunately. I realised I have to send one of my bags by post after finishing my journey.



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