29 Aug. Strasbourg (France – Germany) Baden-Baden

Luxembourg 2006.8.29 train 8.29 Strasbourg

Strasbourg 2006.8.29 16:54 EC267 17:34 Baden-Baden

[Baden-Baden continued]

I left Luxembourg and crossed to France. Strasbourg is the capital of Alsace province. I knew that this region is between Germany so it made both countries to fight each other. But there was no mentioning about that at tourist information.

It has some important buildings for whole Europe as well as Belgium and Luxembourg. That’s thought to be true because in these regions, people speak many different languages including French and German. Also the location made it to be important cities for Europe.

Petite France was the most impressive attraction to me in this city. It was beautiful although it was raining when I was visiting there. Many narrow rivers were passing around the central area.

I found I had enough time to go to Baden-Baden for tonight so I took a train in the afternoon. Baden-Baden is good for night time because it has a famous casino I thought.

When I arrived at a hostel which is located up on a hill again, there were four guys talking each others. They were all from different countries such as Australia, Italy, Britain and US. We became friends quickly and decided to go out for dinner together.

We had a Mexican dinner in front of casino. I’m happy that I made friends. This was exactly what I expected and that was the reason why I came to Baden-Baden in the evening. But I wanted to stroll this town tomorrow morning because it is said to be good for afternoon’s stroll. I love this lovely city.



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