30 Aug. Baden-Baden, Heidelberg, Stuttgart

[Baden-Baden continued]

Baden-Baden 2006.8.30 12:23 IC2370 13:25 Heidelberg Hbf

Heidelberg Hbf 2006.8.30 17:14 IC2393 17:53 Stuttgart Hbf

[Stuttgart continued]

Everybody in the same room with me got up at the same time. We could have breakfast very quickly and gave and took each others’ contacts. It was shame that the English guy already had gone without let us know his contacts. Marco, the Italian guy told me that he can host me when I’ll have arrived at Bologna about a month later if it’ll be on weekends. We said goodbye to each others and arranged to keep in touch.

I went to centre of Baden-Baden to look around the sceneries. It was fabulous! I listed Baden-Baden to “most wanted to come again” list. I took a train to Heidelberg.

This small univ town was along riverside and a hill as well which made the city beautiful. Main street was full of tourists. It looked Korean friendly as well as Frankfurt. I entered the castle, but there was no beautiful building I expected which I’ve seen in a page of calendar when I was young. The view was also fine it was really worth to visit but the oldest university in Germany was nothing to see. Just normal buildings were all.

I went to Stuttgart in the late afternoon. The youth hostel was up on a hill which is not easy to get arrived. I wouldn’t stay in YHA if I could find much cheaper and closer to the station.

I looked around the central city. I felt it was modern, big, clean city. But the people looked not friendly as well as any other big cities. I even felt a bit danger. It was a city of Daimler Chrysler, Benz, Porsche and Bosch. Absolute German technical centre.

The guys in the same room were all German who were not travellng, but working in this city. I wanted to stay more time. I can’t leave without seeing Benz museum. So I’ll go there tomorrow.



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