1 Sept. Nürnberg, Hannover

[Nürnberg continued]

Nürnberg Hbf 2006.9.01 ICE 9.01 Hannover Hbf

Hannover Hbf 2006.9.02 11:40 metronom 12:37 Uelzen 12:43 IC2376 13:27 Hamburg Hbf

I left my bag at the reception and went out to visit ‘Nazis’ sites. I couldn’t leave Nürnberg without visiting there. I took a S-bahn train which is free for interrail ticket holders. I entered the museum first. I had to look around quickly because I didn’t know how big the museum was. I found Nürnberg could have been Nazis German’s new capital if Adolf Hitler built it quickly. The never completed congress hall was absolutely huge. I’ve never seen such a huge building. It’s like a modern colosseum, I couldn’t imagine how big it would be if it had completed. I walked to another S-bahn station to see Zeppelin and March fields on the way, which was really huge.

I took the ICE train which I need to pay extra charge. It was €17 from Nürnberg to Hannover. But I didn’t have enough time.

When I arrived at Niedersächsen from Bayern, I realised that there was no vacant hostel. It was really a touristic city. I didn’t know that before, but by the help of a tourist officer, I was able to get a cheap single room in a three star hotel.

I looked around central Hannover but there was nothing really special. Just shops and similar buildings with the other towns. I decided to visit gardens quickly in the evening to find something different to the other towns. The Grosser Garten.

Unfortunately, I had to wait for starting illumination but it was worth to wait for that. I’ve never seen such a great garden. It was really a wonderful garden and also the Europe’s biggest fountain. I want to have a fantastic garden like that in the future.

I took an U-bahn to get back to the hotel. I have got one day pass. I’ll go to Hamburg right after get up in the morning.



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