2 Sept. Hamburg

Hannover Hbf 2006.9.02 11:40 metronom 12:37 Uelzen 12:43 IC2376 13:27 Hamburg Hbf

Hamburg 2006.9.03 ICE 9.03 Berlin Hbf

I realised that the hotel I stayed last night was not three star but four star. Anyway I was waiting for ICE train at the platform, but at the last moment I changed my mind not to take ICE train because I didn’t want to pay extra charge. So I took another train which was standing at the direct opposite platform. But it took too long time to arrive at Hamburg. Also, I had changed once.

I went to tourist information and I would say that “I’ve never seen the tourist information like this city”. They were devided into two sections which were transportation and accommodation. They were absolutely unkind, just like a machine, and even they don’t speak English properly. I wonder why this country hired people who even can’t speak English as a tourist information agent. They even don’t know what ‘if’ means, really.

I asked information but what they did is send me back to the other person and made me to be in a new queue again and again. I got a map first, and asked one day pass ticket so they sent me to another queue. There, I asked oneday powerpass, but they sent me back to the queue which I was in at the first time. I was really upset about their attitude, unfluent English, and ineffective system. It was really shame that Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and second largest port in Europe. By the way I didn’t know here has a festival as well, so I got a hostel which is located far from centre so it would take about an hour to get there.

The city was almost nothing but one excellent Kunsthalle and port atmosphere. It was on event, so I ate a lot in the lake side street. I also drank some alcohol as well.



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