3 Sept. Berlin

Hamburg 2006.9.03 ICE 9.03 Berlin Hbf

Berlin Hbf 2006.9.04 12:42 IC2456 13:41 Bitterfeld 14:19 train 14:49 Leipzig Hbf

I took ICE train again to go to Berlin from Hamburg, because there’s no other choice to go there. I had to pay €13 for the extra charge. I arrived at Hbf, but I didn’t even know where it was on the map in my book. I thought it would be on the map but it wasn’t. And I found Hbf is newly built and the other stations were also big. Maybe because it’s not been so long time after unification. I remember when I was young, I saw the fireworks at the Brandenburger Tor to celebrate their unification, on TV. Berlin is the only city that I can remember with some kind of historical event after my memory begins working. It was really big metropolis as I expected so I bought a one day pass and went to a hostel where I can use free Internet though it was not in central Berlin.

My guide book shows it as two maps which are east and west each. It seemed like two other cities. It should take two days to look around but I had to leave in one day, so I walked a lot. I visited ‘only’ two museums in Berlin, Pergamon and Guggenheim. Eastern Berlin looked much more beautiful than western Berlin. Maybe that’s because of recent developments after unification. Of course I found a part of the Berlin wall which still remains at original position. It made me feel something lively. Berlin is probably the most exciting city in Europe.

I would like to come back to Berlin if I can visit Europe again. Definitely, Berlin is the most wonderful. Not because of it is the capital of Germany. I usually don’t like capitals, but Berlin is not like other country’s capital.

I’ll visit Leipzig tomorrow.



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