4 Sept. Leipzig, Weimar

Berlin Hbf 2006.9.04 12:42 IC2456 13:41 Bitterfeld 14:19 train 14:49 Leipzig Hbf

Leipzig Hbf 2006.9.04 17:19 ICE1554 18:12 Weimar

Weimar 2006.9.04 20:46 ICE1645 21:36 Leipzig Hbf

Leipzig Hbf 2006.9.05 08:42 ICE1553 09:39 Dresden Neustadt 9.05 train 9.05 Meißen

I have arrived at Leipzig a bit late but I couldn’t miss Weimar as well so I decided to visit Weimar before their tourist information had closed.

Weimar is really important for Germany. Goethe, Schiller, Nietzsche, Cranachs, Bach and Bauhaus as well. How could I miss it? It’s also Hitler’s birthplace? Not sure. Which looked as the most important was Goethes Wohnhaus and National Museum. I still remember there was Goethe museum in another city, Düsseldorf, but I didn’t know it was not the biggest about Goethe. Now I found the real and the biggest national museum about Goethe but it was already closed because I went there too late. Schillerhaus or Liszthaus looked much smaller. I ran to Hbf to catch a train back to Leipzig but I missed it. I had nothing to do, it was really small town, so I bought something bite to eat for my dinner.

I had just a snack cookies and drink which is mixed of beer and orange. I arrived at Leipzig, it was already dark but nothing to worry because I already have visited Bach’s museum and Stasi Museum which are said to be the most important in Leipzig, before went to Weimar in the afternoon.

I just strolled in the old town area of Leipzig. It seemed that ‘Bach’ is the most important in this city. So I visited ‘Goethe’ and ‘Bach’ in one day! I thought west Germany around Köln, Bonn area should be the German cultural centre because there was the Cathedral, Beethoven and so on. But here looks also very important area for German culture.

I’m going to meet Nicole tomorrow who was studying English in EF-London together but not sure if she’ll have enough time to see me. I had to contact her earlier but just forgot to contact her until it’s already too late.



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