5 Sept. Meißen, Dresden

Leipzig Hbf 2006.9.05 08:42 ICE1553 09:39 Dresden Neustadt 9.05 train 9.05 Meißen

Meißen 9.05 train 9.05 Dresden Hbf

Dresden Neustadt 2006.9.06 train 9.06 Dresden Hbf 11:55 EC173 14:27 Praha Holešovice

I woke up too late as well as I’ve been doing these days. I had to pack my stuffs as quickly as I can and went to Hbf. I was in a worry that the possibility of accommodation because I heard that there would be no vacancies nowadays due to some festivals. But luckily I found one near Neustadt so I didn’t need to go to Meißen to get accommodation.

There was still no contact from Nicole, so I decided to visit Meißen first. It was really nice looking and unmissable ‘Porzellan-Manufaktur’ which is important porcelain factory for whole Europe was there. I visited the museum first because I thought it would not be enough to see all of them, but I had enough time to see the demonstration workshop as well. One of the workers has been working for the same workshop for 36 years! It looked that they were really enjoying their life with making Chinas.

Not only there, but also the town looked really nice, with fabulous castle up on a hill and cobbled squares. I had to leave this beautiful town to see Dresden. I expected to get a call from Nicole but there was still no contact from her. I should have given her a call earlier in the morning but I got up too late so I didn’t give her a chance to manage her time schedule to meet me. I gave up to see her after it became dark at night.

I strolled around Dresden by myself and I found it must be one of the ‘must come again’ cities with Baden-Baden. I would say that Baden-Baden, Dresden and Berlin could be top 3 German cities which is good for sightseeing.

I’m going to leave Germany tomorrow and come back about a month later to visit the world famous ‘Oktoberfest’ in München.



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