7 Sept. Wien

[Praha continued]

Praha Hlavní 2006.9.07 10:01 EC75 14:28 Wien Südbahnhof

Wien Südbahnhof 2006.9.08 10:28 ÖBB 11:38 Bratislava Hlavná

I met a woman whose father is a professor in Korea foreign language univ in the train from Praha to Wien. But she knew the name of univ was just Hankook univ which was wrong. She lived in 이문동 about ten years ago. I wanted to be a friend with her but it seemed she was so busy to talk with me. I just did my own works too.

It was a really long journey about four and half more. But it was not really boring. Because I was enjoying to be in the train. I arrived at Wien and I found I had to move to another station which has many hostels nearby. So I bought a one day pass and went to WestBahnhof from SüdBahnhof. I went to a hostel which is said they have Internet connection but it was not free. However I could play many kinds of musical instruments in the hostel. I played piano a few minutes. It was the real Wien, the home of music maybe.

The city was also very big and has efficient transport system. I’d like to live in this city in the future. The main language was German and many speaks English too. The buildings were quite marvelous in central district and it has also skyscrapper towns out of the centre. And it has too many places to visit even more than Berlin. I wanted to stay one more night but I knew I couldn’t. I’ll come back someday in the future. It has Freud, Mozart, Strauss, Klimt and many things about Habsburg.

I can’t say ‘this is Austria’ because I just visited only the capital city but the other regions. So I’ll say about this country after visiting the other cities like Salzburg, Innsburg and Bregenz.

This city was the most impressive in this tour. I stayed in the city until midnight!



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