13 Sept. Thessaloníki, Athína

İstanbul Sirkeci 2006.9.12 20:00 Friendship Express 445 9.13 07:21 Thessaloníki

Thessaloníki 2006.9.13 12:43 ΟΣΕ501 18:13 Athína Lárisa

[Athína continued]

When I woke up I realised that I slept whole night until arriving. I remember just passport control time. The guy in the same room was from Germany but staying Greece to study Greek! I was lucky that I met that guy.

He bought me a ‘normal’ Greek breakfast but it was special for me. We had talked about a lot of things, endless discussion. I asked his email before saying goodbye.

I went into Thessaloníki but I couldn’t find way exactly what I wanted because I didn’t have any map. I have just seen the whole map of Thessaloníki only once. It was a seasided beautiful city. I felt comfortable that I came back to EU country. Greece uses Euro and people were not strange like the other eastern European countries. Of course it should be. They had held Olympic games just about two years ago.

I didn’t have enough time to spend in Thessaloníki because I wanted to get to Athína quickly. I took a day time train after long time ago. But there were too many people so I had to change my seats a few times.

I arrived at Athína in the late afternoon and let the laundries to be done till tomorrow morning. It was not cheap but I had to do it today. I went into the city and visited many places including Olympic stadium except Acropolis. I’ll visit there tomorrow early in the morning.

I could also access Internet as free of charge. I sent lots of emails and chat with father about card usage. We had an argue again.



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