14 Sept. Athína, Pireás

[Athína continued]

Athína 2006.9.14 train 9.14 Pireás

Pireás 2006.9.14 train 9.14 Athína 9.15 10:06 ΟΣΕ300 11:21 Kórinthos (new)

I decided not to sleep last night but felt asleep about seven in the morning. When I got up it was too late to visit Acropolis but it was unmissible site so I changed my mind to stay one more night in Athína.

I visited Acropolis only on foot and it took many hours until three o’clock. It was lucky that I felt asleep in this morning. How could I look around this great site in a few hours in the morning? I found something that a part of building was not at the right position but in the British museum. And that was what I’ve seen when I was in London.

I couldn’t even feel tired before get down from the hill. I realised that the weather was really hot even it was September now. I was wearing just a short and a Tshirt with flipflop which I used to wear only in the house or taking a shower.

I didn’t know what to do and where to visit after Acropolis, I decided to go to see the sunset from seaside. What a nice plan I made! I just took a metro for about 20 minutes and arrived at Pireás which is the nearest seaside from the capital Athína. I also saw a ship landing and a lot of people and cars landing for more than ten minutes. This was unexpected nice scene. I wanted to board the ship but that is what I’m going to do tomorrow.

I came back to Athína and checked in to a new room in the same hostel which has many beds but no people except me. I’m going to visit Kórinthos before boarding a ferry tomorrow.



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