15 Sept. Kórinthos, Pátra (Greece – Italy) 16 Sept. Bari, Napoli

Pireás 2006.9.14 train 9.14 Athína 9.15 10:06 ΟΣΕ300 11:21 Kórinthos (new)

Kórinthos (new) 2006.9.15 13:27 IC24 15:41 Pátra

Pátra 2006.9.15 18:00 Blue Star Ferry

Blue Star Ferry 9.16 08:30 Bari Stazione Marìttima

Bari Centrale 2006.9.16 10:15 trenitalia 11:41 Taranto 9.16 bus 17:00 Napoli

[Napoli continued]

I wanted to visit Kórinthos but there was no train at 9:06 from Athína so I had to waste an hour and also from Kórinthos new station. I had waited for a bus to city about an hour so I wasted total two hours. I just saw the sea and had to come back to took a train to Pátra. It was not so far away from train station to ferry terminal but I had to come back to right behind to the station because the ferry was there. It was my first time to crossing country by ferry. My ticket was deck class ticket but I was able to seat at aircraft class because there were few people on board. I enjoyed on boarding. I had ‘gyros’ which is Greek food and saw the sunset and arrival at dropping point.

I slept from about two in Italian time after I changed my watch an hour back. Somebody woke me up after the ferry arrived. I couldn’t find way easily. Finally I found Bari station after looking around the old town on the way. I had to change to bus, not to train from Taranto. The bus was valid with Interrail ticket and arrived at Napoli about 5 o’clock. I met two girls who left their notebook in the train next to me. But they were going to Sicilia so I said goodbye.

In Napoli I couldn’t find hostel’s vacancy near the station so I had to take metro. I looked around the city and came back to hostel. Surprisingly I met Australian guys again who I met in the train from Kórinthos to Pátra. We are staying in the same room. What a surprise! However my stomach is not good because I had two pans of Napolian pizza.



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