17 Sept. Napoli, Pompei

[Napoli continued]

Napoli 2006.9.17 Circumvesuviana 9.17 Pompei Villa dei Misteri

Pompei Villa dei Misteri 2006.9.17 Circumvesuviana 9.17 Napoli

Napoli 2006.9.18 13:30 ES9444 15:16 Roma Termini

It was still rainy when I got up this morning so I decided not to climb up to the mountain Vesuvio. It would be dangerous and also I felt not really good because of cold which I caught yesterday. I said goodbye to Estonian and German guy then went out to visit museum in Napoli first.

In Archaeological museum, there was also Pompei exhibition. I also wanted to visit Sant’Elmo which has probably the best view of Napoli. I couldn’t find the entrance easily not only there, but also the other places in Italy. Finally I found how to get in and went up to the top of the tower and saw the best view. If it wouldn’t rain, it could be better. I came down by funicular and went to take train to visit Pompei. The first plan I made last night was Sorrento, Pompei and Vesuvio but I just visited Pompei and I thought it would be enough.

It took more than two hours to look all around the Pompei but it was less than I expected. I walked around very slowly. But I couldn’t remember all of each sights because it was too large area anyway. It was not easy to figure out what the colour was or how the smell would be due to rainy weather.

I just came back to Napoli and went to have the best pizza in the world but the pizzeria I wanted to buy the pizza was closed and rained very heavily so I just got in to nearby pizzeria and had a Marinara. I found Napolian pizza’s important point is how to bake, not about toppings.



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