18 Sept. Roma

Napoli 2006.9.18 13:30 ES9444 15:16 Roma Termini

[Roma continued]

I checked out with the Japanese guy who was attending EF-Manchester. He wanted to see the seaside so I followed him and it took much time. He didn’t know the station was not close to seaside so I guided him. On the way, I suggested him to come to the pizzeria which might be the best pizza in the world. We met a Napoli Univ student. She said Italians eat pizza once in two weeks. Surprisingly, I met the Australian guys again by chance.

I took a train which was expensive with the Japanese. I arrived at Roma around 3:30 and I lost him. The hostel was really expensive almost twice much as the other cities. I went out immediately.

I met the Japanese guy near the famous Colosseo by chance. He was going to another way. I felt it would be our last time. I walked until late at night. I need more time to look around Roma. So I’ll visit Vatican tomorrow morning and take a train to Firenze about lunch time. I had a lot of Gelati but no pizza today in Roma.

It was really surprising that I met many guys travelling same route with me. I met another Japanese guy came into same room whose face was familiar to me. I asked him if we had meet each other before, he said he saw me in Greece. Most of travellers were from Pátra to Bari then train to Napoli and Roma. So I met at least two Australian and two Japanese. But the Australians were going to stay in Napoli more nights and Japanese guys were going to stay more nights in Roma so I’m the fastest traveller. I don’t have enough time.



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