20 Sept. Firenze, Bologna

Pisa Centrale 2006.9.19 trenitalia 9.19 Firenze SMN

Firenze SMN 2006.9.20 12:19 IC584 13:36 Bologna Centrale

Bologna Centrale 2006.9.21 12:44 IC714 14:06 Padova

I went out carrying my bag after checkout. I didn’t have enough time to look around the city of Firenze yesterday. Duomo is the most famous tourist attraction of all in this city. But most of the best attractions in each cities were usually under refurbishment. The streets were very narrow. And buses going through that narrow streets.

I took Intercity train to Bologna because I realised that Eurostar or Intercity plus trains would be very much expensive than I expected. But Intercity trains were free of charge with my Interrail ticket. I arrived at Bologna and met Marco, who met in Baden-Baden about three weeks ago. He was working but he was self-employed so he could manage to come to see me. It was very good for me.

I wanted to leave my luggage first so we went to his flat together. It was not so far from the centre. He cooked a nice lunch for me and it was really really wonderful. He cooks like a chef. I had excellent meal which was home-made. I would call that typical Bolognese spaghetti. We went out together and walked around city centre. I tasted mozzarella and delicious Gelati as well. The city was different to the other Italian cities again. Most of streets were arcade streets. And the university which Marco attended was the oldest in Europe. We met one more friend from NewZealand. She was so friendly with Marco and became good friend with me too. We went back to Marco’s home and had a peaceful night. Everything was okay.



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