21 Sept. Padova, Venezia

Bologna Centrale 2006.9.21 12:44 IC714 14:06 Padova

Padova 2006.9.21 (17:38) EC (18:08) Venezia Santa Lucia

Venezia Santa Lucia 2006.9.21 22:52 EN358 9.22 00:24 Verona Porta Nuova

When I woke up first time in this morning, it was too early so I slept again and the second time was by Marco. He was going to his office. I said thanks to him but Justin was still in bed so I went to bed again. I got up around 10 or 11 finally. Justin was already ready to get out. I packed my stuff very quickly and went out together. She was going to visit Roma so we said bye to each other. I became alone again.

I arrived at Padova and went to hostel but there were no vacancies. I gave calls to several hotels as well but it was not affordable. I gave up to find a place to stay and just went to Venezia after looking around Padova with carrying my bag. It was so compact city so able to look around with my bag. I was able to go to another city to stay tonight but I didn’t want to go to the other direction so I decided not to think about hostel and just went to Venezia because it was already too late.

I arrived at Venezia and didn’t even try to find a place to stay because I was almost sure that hostels or hotels which were affordable would be fully booked so just looked around with carrying my bag again. Unfortunately Simone was not able to see me because his hometown was two hours far from Venezia by train. I had to give up to meet him. So I looked all around city then it became night. I came back to station and decided to go to Genova Because it was overnight train then I would be able to sleep safely. I changed my itinerary again. I met nice Italian girls in same coach now.



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