23 Sept. Innsbruck

Milano Centrale 2006.9.22 21:05 IC641 22:40 Verona Porta Nuova 9.23 15:01 EC86 (Tiepolo) 18:33 Innsbruck Hbf

[Innsbruck continued]

I wanted to do my laundry last night but the hostel assistant said just ‘no’ and he was not able to speak English very well so I went to bed without doing anything. However I wanted to get up early but it was already 8:40 when I got up. After having breakfast, I ran the washing machine after had a shower. It took more than an hour for just washing, I don’t know why assistant told me it would take half an hour for just washing and about an hour including drying. The assistants were all non fluent English speaker. After ran the dryer, I went out to have my hair cut but they didn’t want to do it. I don’t know why. I just had a pan of pizza and gelati then back to hostel. It was already afternoon.

I had to take a train departed at three to Innsbruck. It was too late to visit Salzburg in a day. So I decided to stay one night in Innsbruck. When I arrived at Innsbruck it was just an hour before sunset. However this city was surrounded by mountains so it was getting darker and darker much earlier than the other cities. Once I thought to leave this city at midnight by overnight train to Salzburg without staying in a hostel but I couldn’t miss this scenery city in a few hours so I walked to get a hostel. After checked in, I went out to the city. It was Austria again. Girls in the street were very pretty. It was not only Wien that has pretty girls in the street. And the city itself looked as much well developed than Italian cities. The narrow river was passing really fast because here is at the high altitude.

I want to get a cablecar to the top of the nearest mountain in this city tomorrow before go to Salzburg in the morning. I hope to get up early.



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