24 Sept. Salzburg (Austria – Germany) München

[Innsbruck continued]

Innsbruck Hbf 2006.9.24 11:30 EC565 13:29 Salzburg Hbf

Salzburg Hbf 2006.9.24 16:53 IC2290 18:34 München Hbf

[München continued]

A church bell had been ringing every quarter so I was able to get up easily. After check out, I wanted to go to the peak but tourist information told me it was closed and ‘sightseer’ bus was too expensive so I just decided to walk. I walked down to the Olympic sites, ‘ski jump’ site was the most impressive.

I took a train to Salzburg, it was passing Germany. I thought I had to change at another small Austrian town but I didn’t have to. It arrived earlier than I expected because it passed Germany.

Salzburg was also fascinating city but too touristy. I saw many Koreans here again. ‘The sound of Music’ tour was said to be the most famous in here but too expensive I just entered ‘Mozart’s’ houses.

Not only about that, the city itself was also very attractive with Innsbruck. The three Austrian cities I visited were all very good. Not because of the girls were pretty, but also Austria is ‘must come back’ country. I couldn’t stay too much time in Salzburg so I took another train to München. The both trains I took today was very clean, comfortable but all free, not like Italian trains. Italian trains were usually charge more except local trains.

In München, I found place to stay, though I didn’t expect but too expensive. €35 per night. The city was also wonderful. I’m going to visit a few museums and have my hair cut then going to visit Augsburg after that. I had a glass of beer in the hostel.



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