25 Sept. München, Augsburg

[München continued]

München Hbf 2006.9.25 train 9.25 Augsburg Hbf

Augsburg Hbf 2006.9.25 train 9.25 München Hbf

München Hbf 2006.9.26 07:12 EC196 10:06 Bregenz

I slept very well last night. Checked out after breakfast and left my luggage at hostel. I went out to find a place to have my hair cut. Tourist information told me one was in the Hbf, but I couldn’t find it. Finally when I found one, it was too expensive so I decided to go to the place where I saw yesterday. Before got there, I dropped by pharmacy to buy some pills for my cold but Germans didn’t know ‘Sudafed’ either. So I got another thing but it didn’t really matter at all. I asked her where I can get my hair cut but she didn’t know either. I found there by myself after had ‘weißwürst’. It was €18 but she was professional. She couldn’t speak English very well so we need another person to translate. After haircut and shampoo, I made a topup for my mobile a little bit. I visited nearest museum but it was closed. I bought a welcome card but it became worthless because three museums where I wanted to visit were all not able to use it. One wouldn’t accept that discount, another one has student’s own discount. I never used things like ‘welcome card’ effectively. I’ll never buy this kind of card again. I also visited Deutsches museum which has almost everything about German tech.

I didn’t have enough time before tourist information in Augsburg closing, so I just took a train without my bag, there was also no vacant bed so I decided to stay at a hall of hostel tonight. Augsburg was just similar to the other typical German small towns.

I visited Olympic sites and Allianz Arena at night.



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