29 Sept. Lyon

Genève 2006.9.29 train 9.29 Lyon Part Dieu

Lyon Part Dieu 2006.9.30 09:15 RE83505 10:31 Chambéry 10:58 TGV9241 13:25 Torino Porta Susa

I got up just in time of breakfast and checkout. I was a bit in a worry about passport control would be serious but there was nothing special. So I arrived more than half an hour earlier, the platforms to France were seperated from Swiss trains. I was already in France. The opposite platform was a TGV train to Paris. This was my first time to see TGV train. I don’t really know how it would be but I’ll take it somedays later and compare and contrast with ICE train which was the best train I’ve ever taken until now.

I arrived at Lyon and started to walk to tourist office. It was not so closed to the station. When I arrived at a hostel after got the information, it was almost two hours after my arrival. I walked with my backpack more than an hour! But I couldn’t feel tired until then, that’s maybe because of a lot of things I enjoyed to looking around while walking. Lyon has a lot of interesting places. Not just churches, cathedrals like the other cities. It has something special that I can’t explain. If I had decided to leave Lyon in just a few hours, I would never know this city’s attractiveness. I visited résistance musée but closed. I’ve been to silk making district and up on a hill. Then I walked in downtown and I met nice Lyonnaise people in there. Before being there, police asked me to show passport but I didn’t carrying it at that moment. So I avoided the other policemen at another place. What a weird feeling it was!



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