30 Sept. Torino, Genova

Lyon Part Dieu 2006.9.30 09:15 RE83505 10:31 Chambéry 10:58 TGV9241 13:25 Torino Porta Susa

Torino Porta Nuova 2006.9.30 17:20 D33025 19:34 Genova Piazza Principe

[Genova continued]

I took a TGV train for the first time today. I had to make a reservation but there was no vacant seat. So I just got on the train anyway and hided in a baby sitting room. There were no windows at all so I missed all the scenes out of window but I took it as a free of charge. TGV train’s facilities were very good. However everywhere was dirty as well as terrible smell in Lyon metro.

I arrived at Torino almost three hours later and moved to another bigger station to start day’s tour. I took an hour so I could catch the train to Genova which I was going to take. There was some kind of ceremony in the whole central area, it was Saturday, I realised that then. I also wanted to visit Olympic stadium and Fiat company but I didn’t have enough time again so I just directly go to the station.

I wanted to get on a train as soon as possible but the earliest one had only sleeping cars. So I had to have an argu with assistants. I took another train which departed later but I could get a map of Genova right after arrival fortunately. Even it was too late and there were no tourist information opened. The youth hostel was far up on a hill again. When I arrived it was already too dark so I can’t go outside at that time. I decided to stay and look around the city tomorrow. But two Spanish guys in the same room warned me to be care of Italian guy. He was really strange. He asked me to use same locker. Due to similar things happened to the Spanish guys as well, we moved an staff into lockers and made him to move to another room. All Spanish guys about 15 became all my friend. We took photos, had pizzas, watched a DVD together.



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