2 Oct. Nice, Cannes, Marseille

[Nice continued]

Nice Ville 2006.10.02 train 10.02 Cannes

Cannes 2006.10.02 16:23 SNCF17446 18:26 Marseille St Charles

[Marseille continued]

I walked to tourist information and asked about the museums including Matisse’s but all of them were closed on Monday, especially Matisse’s where I really wanted to visit was closed for a long time. So I just saw a Russian church and walked to sea side again. I walked up on a hill which is in ‘old Nice’. From there, the view was excellent. Probably that was the best view I’ve ever seen the beach. Quite simple and clean.

I came back to hostel and said goodbye to the nice’s old woman and took a train to Cannes, where famous for its International film festival. I remember ‘Old Boy’ got a prize there. It was quite small, but beautiful enough.

I found most of towns around this area, Southern coast of France, were very similar and very very perfect place to be to spend life in old time. I’ll stay these area when I get old, maybe.

I was able to just walk all around with my bag for the whole town. There was also a hill at the coast just like Nice. I would call there as ‘a small Nice’.

I took a train again to get to Marseille, French second largest city. I could get a bed in hostel but there was no hostel in central area so I had to took night buses to feel the nightlife in central Marseille. But there was nothing special. I even feel a little bit of danger. Metro systems and day buses were already finished around only 9 o’clock, not like the other big cities. I’m going to look around this city tomorrow.



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