3 Oct. Marseille, Arles, Avignon

[Marseille continued]

Marseille St Charles 2006.10.03 11:29 SNCF17706 12:25 Arles

Arles 2006.10.03 (15:41) SNCF (15:58) Avignon Centre

Avignon Centre 2006.10.04 10:40 SNCF 10.04 Carcassonne

Last night, when I was checking train times in a hall, a french speaking girl from Kansas talked to me, she was a bit drunken. I asked her a few French expressions. I met her by chance in the train station just before I left. It was my mistake that I didn’t ask her contact. We just said goodbye.

I couldn’t find something to do or someone to visit in Marseille so I just went to Arles. This city is famous for its most popular artist, Vincent Van Gogh but many of his original works were already gone to other cities.

So I didn’t have to visit any museums or galleries. It was also quite small town so I just left there about in three hours. Terribly it was raining when I was visiting there.

I wanted to have Marseille’s special cuisine since this morning but I wasn’t able to have it until I’ve finished visiting Arles, so I just have ‘plat du jour’ in a restaurant nearest to the station.

I arrived at Avignon in the afternoon. It was also very small town. Much smaller than I thought. So It would be better to go to another city again but it was already too late to get to another city’s tourist office before their closing time and I was too tired today. I felt pain in my shoulders. Probably today was the hardest day during this travelling.

I’ve already visited important sights in Avignon so I’ll leave here early in the morning tomorrow. I’m going to visit Carcassonne, a small town near Toulouse, then I’ll be in Spain after there. I bought a new shower gel today.



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