4 Oct. Carcassonne, Toulouse

Avignon Centre 2006.10.04 10:40 SNCF 10.04 Carcassonne

Carcassonne 2006.10.04 16:08 SNCF 17:10 Toulouse Matabiau 22:35 Corail Lunéa 3750 23:53 Cahors 10.05 06:27 SNCF 07:35 Toulouse Matabiau

I wanted to get up early in the morning but couldn’t. I was too tired to get up. I had to took a train to Carcassonne at 10:40 which was already too late. I arrived at Carcassonne, it was rainy. But the town was not too big so I was able to get to the attraction. The castle has really dramatic view just like Avignon, but less. It was not just a castle but also a small town itself. It contains a small village in it. I had a lunch for its regional cuisine in a restaurant in that town.

I took a train to Toulouse after lunch. I sent a text message to John in London that I’d go to Spain tomorrow. He replied me he’s working as a full-time worker. It made me to think about my life and job.

I arrived at Toulouse before closing time of tourist office but unfortunately there was a festival so I couldn’t find any cheap place to stay. I got a map but it was not the problem. I had to find a hostel first. I got back to the station and tried to find it. Also I asked to assistants for many times about tomorrow’s trains to Barcelona because I found the book about rail time tables were not exactly correct sometimes so I needed to make it sure that if the trains would be running tomorrow. My book is August edition and now is October. Already two months has passed. Now I can feel it became autumn even here is south of France. The weather is not always hot like I expected. I hardly found a hostel an hour and half away by train, and waiting for that now.



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