5 Oct. Toulouse (France – Spain) Barcelona

Carcassonne 2006.10.04 16:08 SNCF 17:10 Toulouse Matabiau 22:35 Corail Lunéa 3750 23:53 Cahors 10.05 06:27 SNCF 07:35 Toulouse Matabiau

Toulouse Matabiau 2006.10.05 08:50 SNCF 10:00 Foix (12:10) bus

bus 2006.10.05 (14:08) Latour de Carol 16:28 RENFE (19:47) Barcelona Catalunya

[Barcelona continued]

I slept in Cahors hostel last night. The hostel was really nice with antique wooden floors but I had to leave early in the morning to get back to Toulouse. The hostel’s dormitory room had nobody but me. Thanks to manager, because I would make too much noise which would make the others not to keep asleep.

Back to Toulouse, I had about an hour to connecting train. I walked very fast with carrying my bag. I could not look around a lot but I realised that this city was ‘red brick’ city. And I couldn’t find anything about French hi-tech. Maybe that’s because I just looked around in old town.

I got back to train station and took a train which would stop at Foix. The route was not really scenic. Not only that, I asked assistants in Toulouse before get on the train, they said there would be a bus but I couldn’t find connecting bus so I had to wait more than two hours. I just walked into the small town to have a lunch but restaurants were all closed until midday. I couldn’t have my lunch but a big baguette.

The bus arrived at border line and I waited Spanish train about two more hours. I gave a call to parents. Tomorrow is Chuseok so had to phone them. Finally I arrived at Barcelona in the evening. The train was running on Metro railway so I got off at the very central area not main station.

I found a hotel helped by tourist office. I strolled for more than four hours at Barcelona’s night streets and had a great Tapas, and found a hostel to stay for tomorrow. I’ll change my accomodation tomorrow.



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