6 Oct. Barcelona

[Barcelona continued]

Barcelona Sants 2006.10.07 Euromed 10.07 València Nord

I was able to have a shower in the morning with a towel given by a hotel which I didn’t need to make it dried. I walked to another place to stay for tonight where I found yesterday. I had to wait until 11am so I used free Internet in that hostel while waiting. After checked-in, went out to visit museums including Picasso, Miró.

Fortunately, there were two exhibitions at the same time. Contemporary exhibition from Paris with permanent collections. There was also student’s discount not like Italy. I spent almost two hours in that museum even I had to be in a queue to enter there, because Picasso is really one of my favourite artist with Dalí. How could I miss it? After visiting that museum, I became to be able to understand his masterpieces deeper than before. However, the time was already four o’clock. So I was in a hurry again to visit a lot of places. Because I moved my bag from hotel where I stayed last night to the hostel to stay tonight before visiting the museum.

I took a metro to get to Espanya station which is located near the famous hill, Montjuïc. I remember the marathon in Olympic’92. Hwang was called ‘hero of Montjuïc’. Montjuïc was even larger than some of the other small towns like Carcassonne. I visited Joan Miró’s first and then I couldn’t get into another places, it was too late. But the marvelous fountain was showing with various classical music which was similar with that of Hannover. I visited lots of places where I can’t name them all, until after midnight.



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