7 Oct. València

Barcelona Sants 2006.10.07 Euromed 10.07 València Nord

València Nord 2006.10.08 14:20 Alaris 1445 17:46 Madrid Puerta de Atocha

A Euromed train to València, where I met an Italian girl crying. She was crying because her boyfriend didn´t love her anymore. I saw them just in front of me before get on the train they looked happily. They were living in Barcelona in a house together, but now she was going to her friend´s and the man also left Barcelona. I played ´Livin la vida loca´ in my iPod for her and bought a bottle of water, handed her my handkerchief, tried to make her happy while travelling. But when we arrived at València, we just said ´ciao!´ to each others.

Anyway I left my luggage at a locker and looked around the central area. And also a bit out of centre, there were some marvelous architectures standing around together those were the most wonderful building´s complex I´ve ever seen in my life. I came back to station and tried to find a train to Madrid for tonight but I had to make a reservation first while all seats were fully booked until Monday. I didn´t know that it´s a holiday of València until then. So the train assistant asked me to take a bus but bus fare is much more expensive than Interrail discounted train ticket. Or I have to stay until Tuesday but it´ll be too late then. So what I´m going to do is hide in the train between the coaches, or in the toilet like I did in TGV train in France.

In a hostel, I met three French girls who had just arrived by flight from Paris.



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