8 Oct. Madrid

València Nord 2006.10.08 14:20 Alaris 1445 17:46 Madrid Puerta de Atocha

Madrid Atocha Cercanías 2006.10.09 08:25 Talgo 276 14:10 Granada

French girls and I couldn’t sleep well because of endless noise from outside. They left very quickly by taxi after got back their key deposit with me. I went to station after a large amount of breakfast. Also all my laundries were done in the morning. But I got up late again.

I found several routes to Madrid which need to change once and went to an assistant, then I realised that the man who told me all trains were fully booked was a liar. I was able to find direct train to Madrid in the afternoon. I had nothing to do for about three hours but it was okay because it gave me a good chance to think about something. I didn’t want to wait in the station so I waited at the very centre of the city.

I arrived at Madrid in the late afternoon. I had to decide how to manage the shortage of time. I didn’t even try to find a free bed, it might have all full at that time. So I walked and walked. I spent eight hours strolling around the central Madrid without carrying my bag which I left at the station. I gave up to visit Toledo. I had ‘Menu del dias’ twice with wine. Then walked and walked. I also gave up to visit Prado museum because I had to wait until Tuesday, but I couldn’t do it although it’s one of the most famous museum in the world. I wanted to have Tapas at a bar but it was too late for them to be opened. I just walked back to the station in the morning.



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