9 Oct. Granada, Córdoba

Madrid Atocha Cercanías 2006.10.09 08:25 Talgo 276 14:10 Granada

Granada 2006.10.09 17:45 RENFE 3062 19:27 Bobadilla 20:33 Talgo200 9139 21:55 Córdoba

[Córdoba continued]

I took the first direct train to Granada this morning though there were only two times of direct train to be there. I slept almost five hours while going to Granada in the train. And I made a reservation to go Córdoba though there was no direct train. I had only about three hours to visit Granada. I start to walk after put my bag into a locker.

I couldn’t find way easily but it was not bad at all because I was able to look around the other attractions a part from Alhambra. Alhambra is top 5 architect in Europe according to my guidebook.

I found tourist office and walked to get a ticket but tourist office’s agent told me that it would take more than three hours. So I decided to just walk around outside. I had to be get inside, however I already booked the train and the other people also looked like walking around without entering inside. After finished visiting Alhambra, I wanted to have a meal but most of restaurants were not serving meals at that time. It seemed Spanish people’s ‘Siesta’ time.

Anyway I moved to Córdoba and spent almost two hours to find a hostel by myself. I went out just five minutes after checked-in to see the famous Flamenco show. It had already started so I paid €10 as a half price. I could see only about half an hour but I really enjoyed it.



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