10 Oct. Córdoba, Sevilla

[Córdoba continued]

Córdoba 2006.10.10 RENFE 10.10 Sevilla

Sevilla Plaza de Armas 2006.10.11 07:30 bus 10:30 Faro

In a hostel, I met a guy who had seen in Madrid by chance. I visited Mezquita, it was absolutely fabulous. I think it’s more attractive than Granada’s Alhambra. Maybe this is because I didn’t enter to there in Granada. If I would entered there, I would think there could be much more attractive, never know. I walked back to train station much easier way than the way which I went to a hostel after arrival. I took a free train valid with Interrail ticket heading to Sevilla.

I tried to get Information first, but the problem was that I have to take a bus but train I took a local bus to central Sevilla and directly walked to a famous Cathedral and Giralda without put my bag left. Because if I had gotten a hostel’s bed first, I wouldn’t have enough time to get inside of the cathedral. Interior was similar with that of Cordoba, but much bigger. It was the third largest in the world. I also climb up to Giralda to look down the city. It was hard to climb up there with by backpack but it was worth to visit. After visiting there, I wanted to enter Alcazar too. However it was closed because I was late. I just took a bus to a hostel. I went back to a bus station to check times of departure to Faro for tomorrow.



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