11 Oct. Faro, Lisboa

Sevilla Plaza de Armas 2006.10.11 07:30 bus 10:30 Faro

Faro 2006.10.11 13:55 IC672 17:45 Lisboa Oriente

[Lisboa continued]

I was able to manage get up early in the morning so I checked out about half past six and I also asked to get a breakfast packed. I took a bus to bus station and took an International bus to Faro which departed at 7:30. The time was different between Spain and Portugal. Time in Portugal is same with that of London.

I slept a lot while the bus was running. When the bus arrived at Faro, I found the train station just nearby. Faro was very small town so that’s why I found stations and also tourist office easily. The view from its cathedral in old town was very unique. It was not like the other city. I also saw a flight flying just several metres high because its airport was located just next to the town.

I tried to have Portuguese food but I didn’t know what to eat so I just ordered ‘Plata do dia’ before came to Lisboa. Three hours were surely enough to look around Faro. The train from Faro to Lisboa took about three hours, I was sleepy but had to study about the vibrant Portuguese capital before arrival. When I arrived, I put my bag directly into a locker and took Metro to visit tourist office and a hostel. Every Metro stations were very artistic. And people looked nice but a bit rude like the other big cities as well as London or Seoul. After checked in, I went out to clubbing at world famous ‘Lux’ but it was closed tonight. So I’ll stay here one more night to visit that club.

I’ll sleep late in the morning for the last time.



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