13 Oct. Porto

Lisboa 2006.10.13 train 10.13 Porto Campanhã

Porto Campanhã 2006.10.14 08:05 IN421 12:15 Vigo

I went back to the hostel to get my bag back before got on a train to Porto. I just slept all times in the train. When I got up, it was passing urban area but there was actually famous region for wines. I knew that later. Porto was also another different city to Lisboa. It has lots of bridges which are very very high from the river, which gives good view. Of course I climbed up one of them in the evening.

A hostel was also far away from city centre so it was a bit complicated furthermore, Portuguese city’s main train station is not located in the central area. So I had to take a train again to got into city centre just like Lisboa’s Oriente to Santa Apolónia then bus again to a hostel.

Porto’s size was bigger than I guessed. It had enough things to spend a day. Although there were many world famous wines tasting visit centres at the bank of a river but it was too late to enter. I had a meal at riverside but starter was too expensive which I didn’t order. I just ordered cod and soup so I didn’t pay for the starter. The cod was dried not like ‘fish&chips’ in England. Foods were also closely related to its weather, I found.

I got back to hostel and met a guy from Paris who had been already interested in Korean culture. He’s going to visit Korea next year and I’ll visit Paris next week. We exchanged our contact to each others.



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