15 Oct. Bilbao

Santiago 2006.10.15 train 10.15 Bilbao

Bilbao TermiBus 2006.10.16 11:00 Turytrans 12:40 Hendaye 10.16 SNCF 10.16 Bayonne

When I got up to get a train to Bilbao early in the morning, it was still dark outside. The view of the sky from the hostel was terrific! I was able to see many stars including Cassiopeia, north Polar star and the seven stars consisting a big spoon. I don’t know the name of that in English. Also Orion and Libra it was, I guess.

Anyway I took a local bus to station. The train would take almost half a day. I had nothing to do, so I had a good chance to think about my future when I go back to Korea. That train gave me the longest journey I’ve ever had. Repeated sleeping and woke up, while the other people were getting off and on. Once I changed the coach.

Finally I arrived at Bilbao in the evening. But the interesting thing was that I had to change the coach. The train was same but another train has joined once and I changed there, after that I could feel something happened more. When I changed the coach, direction had also changed. The leading coach had gone and rear part of coaches joined where the leading coach had been. Then moved backwards. I saw the moment that coaches were joining.

It was too late to look around Bilbao. Not only because of that, I was too hungry to do anything but just check in. I checked train times but they said bus services were more efficient. It was cheaper so I bought a bus ticket departs the day after.

I went to a hostel which had a good view over the city of Bilbao, and had dinner just one minute before their restaurant’s closing time. It was my first time to had dinner in a hostel.



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