19 Oct. Bruxelles (Belgium) – 20 Oct. Moskva (Russia)

Paris Nord 2006.10.19 08:55 Thalys 9417 10:20 Bruxelles-Midi 10.19 train 10.19 BRU 23:55 SU232 (Aeroflot) 10.20 05:25 SVO

SVO 2006.10.20 22:30 SU423 (Aeroflot) 10.21 11:50 ICN

I managed to get up early in the morning and took a direct train to Brussels at Gare du Nord in Paris. I sent a text message to Arnaud which would be my last available thing to do with my mobile. Fortunately he sent me back he would wait for me at the Midi station and we met. We directly went to Arnaud’s new flat in Bruxelles and I got my flight tickets with my luggages. I left my backpack and went out to have lunch at a buffet. I wanted to look around the city of Bruxelles if I had enough time but couldn’t. I had a shower, which would be the last time before my arriving at Korea probably, and repacked my stuff to send one backpack by air. But the problem was occured in a post office. They didn’t accept credit cards. And the second problem was that I couldn’t even withdraw cash from cashmachines. Arnaud explained me later that Debit cards are popular in Belgium. Anyway they didn’t speak English properly so I had to walk half an hour to go to another nearest branch because they would close at 5 while another one’s was 6. However finally I had to go to other branch in the Midi station because they open until 10pm. Anyway I was late for a dinner appointment with Arnaud and his colleague and had to show Arnaud’s room had been messy. I packed all my stuff after the typical Belgian dinner for the last time in Europe. Arnaud came with me and helped in many ways until I took a train from the Midi to the airport. I was happy.

Now I’m waiting for a connecting flight in a Moscow’s airport for about 16 hours with nothing to do. No wireless connection, no phone calls, no cash machines, I’ll just arrive at Korea tomorrow.



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