2010.9.26 Yehliu, Keelung, Jiaoxi, Su-ao

Taipei 2010.9.26 09:00 皇家客運 (Royal Bus) 9.26 JinShan 9.26 bus 9.26 Yehliu

Yehliu 2010.9.26 bus 9.26 Keelung 9.26 train 9.26 Jiaoxi 9.26 train 9.26 Su-ao

Su-ao 2010.9.26 train 9.26 Hualien 9.27 bus 9.27 Taroko

My first destination out of Taipei was Yehliu. Because I also wanted to see YangmingShan’s steam of Sulfur on the way to Yehliu, I took a bus heading for JinShan then changed once. Yehliu’s sight was amazing enough. Then I visited Keelung for a short time while waiting a train to go to Jiaoxi, where is famous for hot spring.

Jiaoxi has a public open-air hot spring, men and women separated, which is my best favourite kind of bathing. There was no necessary to wear a swimsuit. The hot spring and also food in the street was great, too.

I couldn’t just pass Su-ao, because there were cold spring which is very rare on this planet. I found public bath again, but it looked weird. There was nobody at the entrance, but it was just free to anyone. I was in there for a while. Later, I found one man coming down there, when I was dressing up. That local man was very kind, too.

I had arrived at Hualien station late at night, after long time journey I had that day. Even I took a train goes to opposite direction from Jiaoxi, but thanks to very kind people, I was always able to go wherever I want. 太魯閣號 train, one of trains I took during the day, was also impressive.



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