Taipei 台北 (with local friends)

ICN 2010.9.24 17:30 TG635 (Thai Airways) 19:00 TPE 9.24 bus 9.24 Taipei

Taipei 2010.9.26 09:00 皇家客運 (Royal Bus) 9.26 JinShan 9.26 bus 9.26 Yehliu

After successful arrival in Taoyuan airport, it was already dark. I took a bus to Taipei station, then MRT trains to a hostel I booked. However, finding the hostel was not easy so I asked somebody to tell me the way. Because of my language problem, making conversation was not easy, but the people were very very kind. Thanks to them, I found the hostel finally. And I was surprised by a lot of Korean songs playing in the street.

The day after, I stayed in Taipei for a whole day. My first destination was ‘The National Palace Museum’, which is regarded as ‘must visit’. It was too crowded, and I don’t think I could understand a lot. After that, I went to 忠孝後興 to see my friends. My friends took me to DinTaiFung for lunch. We looked around that area while waiting for about an hour. The Xiaolongbao was my first meal in Taiwan, and it was absolutely great.

Since my friends realised I ate Taiwanese food very well, they guided me to have 牛肉麵, Pineapple cake, fruit drink, bubble tea, etc. in where might be the most famous for each. And Amy’s well-known tea shop for my buying tea leaves. That’s all happened while visiting ‘National Democracy Memorial Hall’ and some historic sites around. Luckily there was a sort of parade undergoing. It was happy time with friends under the bright sun.

After Saying bye to friends in the late afternoon, I went to ‘Taipei 101’. I had to wait for about an hour again for its observatory. When I could be up there, it was too dark to recognise which is which. I wanted to visit somewhere else, but I lost my way around that building, so I came back to the hostel very late.



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