Taipei 台北, Danshui 淡水

Hualien 2010.9.28 自强號 9.28 Taipei

Taipei 2010.9.28 MRT 9.28 Danshui

Danshui 2010.9.28 MRT 9.28 Taipei

Taipei 2010.9.29 bus 9.29 TPE 12:50 TG634 (Thai Airways) 16:15 ICN

Next destination would be Taichung, but no bus would bring me there in a day. So I simply changed my plan, to take a direct train back to Taipei. I visited 孔子廟 since that day was Confucius’ birthday. Interestingly, what awaiting for me was not the ceremony which was already over very early in that morning, but some demonstrations with TV reporters. I also visited Bao-an temple next to it. Unlike 孔子廟, it looked very luxury. And a nearby park was busy for re-organising, due to ‘Int’l Flora Exposition’ ahead. So I decided to pass some spots in that park. However, I could see ‘圓山 大飯店’ on my way to Beitou.

Beitou’s public hot spring was excellent, except that I had to wear a swimsuit. When I was bathing, sudden rain drove me feel like being a part of nature. Then I hurried not to miss seeing sunset of Danshui, but it was already dark when I arrived there by MRT. Danshui’s street was lively so I liked it. I visited ‘Fort San Domingo’ on foot. And I ate something while walking back to MRT station.

I’d been waiting for a contact from the other old friend in Taipei, but she finally didn’t contact me. So I just walked around Taipei city at that night. I saw some government buildings, hospitals, parks, and Ximending streets which couldn’t be missed. Before going to 永康街, I realised the time was too late. Fortunately, 臨江街 night market was just next to the hostel where I was staying, I had ‘foot massage’ there three days ago. Thanks to people and friends I met in Taiwan, I was happy enough though my feet were hurt. I will visit Taiwan again soon.

In the next morning, I took a direct bus to Taoyuan airport from a hotel near the hostel.



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