26 Sept. Bregenz (Austria – Switzerland) Zürich

München Hbf 2006.9.26 07:12 EC196 10:06 Bregenz

Bregenz 2006.9.26 train 9.26 St Margrethen 13:31 RE3819 14:13 Sargans

Sargans 2006.9.26 14:28 IC578 15:23 Zürich HB

Zürich HB 2006.9.27 SBB 9.27 Luzern

I was sleeping in the hostel’s lounge, an assistant woke me up and asked where my room was. Fortunately, it was an hour before the departure time of the train to Bregenz so I could manage it. I wanted to see the scenes from the train but I couldn’t help falling asleep. When I arrived at Bregenz, I was still not sure that if there was the place where ‘Bregenz Festival’ was held. However I was able to find exactly the same place with that I saw in the newspaper. The festival’s floating stage was built on a kind of oil refinery facilities. But the size was much smaller than I expected. I want to come back to see an opera somedays in the future.

I didn’t have enough time, and it would be same almost everyday. I arrived at Zürich after change two times of trains. It was not too late I thought. But there was already no vacancies in hostels. I had to book a hotel. It was still a dorm room but fee was a bit higher. Suddenly I wanted to visit ‘Rhine falls’ so I asked information about that but it would be a problem to come back so I changed my mind again not to go there. Instead of that, I visited ‘Kunsthaus’ and really enjoyed the time in there. I could see a lot of art pieces by famous artists. When I got out it was already dark. I walked in the city and came back to hotel after midnight. I’ve not gone to bed until now four.


24 Sept. Salzburg (Austria – Germany) München

[Innsbruck continued]

Innsbruck Hbf 2006.9.24 11:30 EC565 13:29 Salzburg Hbf

Salzburg Hbf 2006.9.24 16:53 IC2290 18:34 München Hbf

[München continued]

A church bell had been ringing every quarter so I was able to get up easily. After check out, I wanted to go to the peak but tourist information told me it was closed and ‘sightseer’ bus was too expensive so I just decided to walk. I walked down to the Olympic sites, ‘ski jump’ site was the most impressive.

I took a train to Salzburg, it was passing Germany. I thought I had to change at another small Austrian town but I didn’t have to. It arrived earlier than I expected because it passed Germany.

Salzburg was also fascinating city but too touristy. I saw many Koreans here again. ‘The sound of Music’ tour was said to be the most famous in here but too expensive I just entered ‘Mozart’s’ houses.

Not only about that, the city itself was also very attractive with Innsbruck. The three Austrian cities I visited were all very good. Not because of the girls were pretty, but also Austria is ‘must come back’ country. I couldn’t stay too much time in Salzburg so I took another train to München. The both trains I took today was very clean, comfortable but all free, not like Italian trains. Italian trains were usually charge more except local trains.

In München, I found place to stay, though I didn’t expect but too expensive. €35 per night. The city was also wonderful. I’m going to visit a few museums and have my hair cut then going to visit Augsburg after that. I had a glass of beer in the hostel.

23 Sept. Innsbruck

Milano Centrale 2006.9.22 21:05 IC641 22:40 Verona Porta Nuova 9.23 15:01 EC86 (Tiepolo) 18:33 Innsbruck Hbf

[Innsbruck continued]

I wanted to do my laundry last night but the hostel assistant said just ‘no’ and he was not able to speak English very well so I went to bed without doing anything. However I wanted to get up early but it was already 8:40 when I got up. After having breakfast, I ran the washing machine after had a shower. It took more than an hour for just washing, I don’t know why assistant told me it would take half an hour for just washing and about an hour including drying. The assistants were all non fluent English speaker. After ran the dryer, I went out to have my hair cut but they didn’t want to do it. I don’t know why. I just had a pan of pizza and gelati then back to hostel. It was already afternoon.

I had to take a train departed at three to Innsbruck. It was too late to visit Salzburg in a day. So I decided to stay one night in Innsbruck. When I arrived at Innsbruck it was just an hour before sunset. However this city was surrounded by mountains so it was getting darker and darker much earlier than the other cities. Once I thought to leave this city at midnight by overnight train to Salzburg without staying in a hostel but I couldn’t miss this scenery city in a few hours so I walked to get a hostel. After checked in, I went out to the city. It was Austria again. Girls in the street were very pretty. It was not only Wien that has pretty girls in the street. And the city itself looked as much well developed than Italian cities. The narrow river was passing really fast because here is at the high altitude.

I want to get a cablecar to the top of the nearest mountain in this city tomorrow before go to Salzburg in the morning. I hope to get up early.