19,20 Aug. Brussels, Liège, Brugge

London Waterloo 2006.8.19 (08:39) Eurostar (12:08) Bruxelles-Midi

[flashed copies 싸이 발굴]

Brussels 2006.8.19 car 8.19 Liège 8.20 train 8.20 Brugge

[flashed copies 싸이 발굴]

Brugge 2006.8.20 train 8.20 Liège 8.21 Bruxelles-Midi 08:46 train 10:38 Rotterdam Centraal 8.21 NS 8.21 Den Haag

I’ve left London successfully without any disturbance. When I arrived at Brussels Midi station, there was no luggage check or passport control, but just Arnaud and his father were waiting for me.

I was able to see the whole Brussels’ important attractions by citysightseeing bus. Because we didn’t know where to visit. They didn’t know where to show me first, and I didn’t know which attractions there were. Of course before taking the bus, we had our lunch which was typical Belgian. Moules et frites! I used to enjoy it in London.

I found Belgians like chocolates, waffles, dogs, children and bicycles very much. I asked Arnaud that if it’s true when I discovered one by one, he couldn’t deny those which means yes. And also I defined a typical Belgian woman of my own. It’s like this, blonde hair, blue-eyed with brown well sun-tanned skin. Arnaud couldn’t answer to this definition. I think it’s right.

We went to Liège to have wonderful dinner, 3 kind of meats with unlimited 6 sauces and 6 vegetables and potatoes with cheese as well. I ate a lot. Arnaud’s father said I’m easygoing. It meant I ate everything very well.

On the second day, Arnaud and I without his parents went to Brugge which is called `Northern Venice’. It looked as good place for a day out with a girl.

I had great home made dinner with them, we had a good time. Arnaud’s parents are both very kind and nice! They can also understand English a bit even their own language is French. I tried to speak a bit of French such as `Merci, Madame’. Arnaud was busy to translate most of time.

I’ll start my own journey from tomorrow!

런던을 떠난 토욜 아침부터 일욜까지 주말내내 벨기에 친구 Arnaud 집에서 신세지고, 다음날인 월욜부터 본격적 배낭여행을 시작하게 된다. 벨기에 사진들은 노트북 하드로 옮기고 카메라 메모리에선 삭제했었는데, 최근에 노트북에서 그 사진들을 못찾은채 포맽을 해버려 당시에 싸이에 올렸던 일부 사진만 남아있게 됐다. 내일부터는 미공개(?!) 여행 사진들이 고스란히 여기 올려질 것이다.