6 Sept. Praha

Dresden Neustadt 2006.9.06 train 9.06 Dresden Hbf 11:55 EC173 14:27 Praha Holešovice

[Praha continued]

I got up too late again this morning. I took a train from the station near the hostel and took another train to Wien via Praha from Hbf. It departed 11:55 almost at noon which was too late. I had to be checked by passport controllers for the first time after I came into European continent. Last time was in London when I checked in to take Eurostar train. It means there’s not really serious controls between EU countries. When I arrived at Praha, I realised that I was feeling difficulty to do the things which I used to doing very well without any problems in Germany. I realised that the problem was language suddenly. But I could manage myself to buy the ticket for metro and get to the tourist information and find a hostel to stay.

The city was not much more beautiful than I expected. I might have expected too much! It was really beautiful but not more than I expected I mean. And touristic as like as the other capitals. I was able to find many Korean tourists even more than Japanese or Chinese.

This city has a lot more than just a castle. Ironically, it means the castle is the most important in this city. The castle includes palace, cathedral, basilica and so on all up on a hill where people can look down the whole city from. It was not too hard to go up. It includes many buildings as I mentioned but I was too late to enter them.

I also found a Tesco in old town. This was my first time to see Tesco after I left London. I needed to make topup because my mother called me too many. I couldn’t find anywhere to topup in Tesco so I went to a vodafone shop but I found I can’t do it in this country unfortunately.