18 Oct. Paris

[Paris continued]

Paris Nord 2006.10.19 08:55 Thalys 9417 10:20 Bruxelles-Midi 10.19 train 10.19 BRU 23:55 SU232 (Aeroflot) 10.20 05:25 SVO

I woke up too early so I slept more. I repeated it three or four times and got up at eleven finally. I was tired but not only because of that. I wanted to feel laziness for the last time during this journey. There was nobody in the room when I got up, it was time for clean the room. It was raining. I accessed Internet and realised that Arnaud Delacroix wanted to see me at lunch time while his working hours. I replied back with few hope. I went to the Opéra anyway. And I was able to see him! We had a great French lunch. He was a bit busy and wearing a suit. We said bye at two o’clock.

I started day tour by myself. I went to Pompidou centre again to visit modern art museums. There were too many places to visit so I moved very quickly. Wherever I go in Paris, I felt that Parisiens are based on dirtiness. And that’s why cosmetics or perfums are well developed. And what they say ‘beauty’ is also based on something strange like Eiffel tower. I realised that why the terrible steel structure had been the artistic Paris’ symbol. Pompidou, Eiffel could be enough to be the symbol of Paris. But the Louvre, which was the best museum I’ve ever been, was just collections of the world, not French museum.

I visited Arc de Triomphe for the last destination at midnight.


17 Oct. Tours, Paris

Bordeaux St Jean 2006.10.16 TGV8584 10.16 Tours

Tours 2006.10.17 12:09 TGV8322 13:20 Paris Montparnasse

[Paris continued]

I was a bit in a worry that the possibility of the others coming into my room while my sleeping at night who made the reservation, but nothing happened like that. In the morning I remember that my turning alarm off at 7:30 but I slept until 10am. I checked out and she who was sitting at the reception already had known about me, probably the man who I met when I checked in last night told about me to her. I expected it expensive but it was not too bad though I couldn’t have breakfast due to my oversleeping. I went out and looked around small town on the way to the station.

I took a TGV train to Paris. But there was no tourist information in Montpanasse station so I had to go to central one at Pyramides, Louvre. The tourist information was very kind to me not like the other big cities like Toulouse or Hamburg. I found very cheap hostel near Montmarte just €18 per one night. I was happy. I checked all the information I’ve got, it was too late to visit somewhere so just went out to look around and strolling. I’ve been to a lot of places but I realised that the time is not enough.

One thing was very interesting that the Sorbonne was located at the Latin quartier. I’ve known that the Sorbonne was the best before French equalisation. Latin quartier is the place where uses Latin language in Univs. Maybe not true. Another one was that near Pompidou centre, the harmony between modern and antique also artistic and terrific.

16 Oct. Bayonne, Bordeaux

Bilbao TermiBus 2006.10.16 11:00 Turytrans 12:40 Hendaye 10.16 SNCF 10.16 Bayonne

Bayonne 2006.10.16 14:46 TGV8558 16:19 Bordeaux St Jean

Bordeaux St Jean 2006.10.16 TGV8584 10.16 Tours

I went out after having breakfast, met a Korean girl at the bus stop by chance. She told me that out of centre has good scenes but I didn’t have enough time I couldn’t even visit the old centre. I just walked to see the famous Guggenheim. Unfortunately it closed on Monday like Prado in Madrid. It was also closed when I’ve been there. I took a bus to France at last. Interesting thing is that I couldn’t realise when the bus passed the border from Spain to France. It happened just in two minutes. I changed to train, people were speaking French of course. There was a direct train to Bordeaux but I wanted to be dropped at Bayonne, the capital of French Basque, because I wasn’t satisfied my visiting Bilbao, the Spanish Basque capital. But the train had been delayed again. In the morning, the bus had not come more than half an hour from the hostel’s bus stop, and one bus had just passed through, which couldn’t have seen us, me and the Korean girl. Finally, I had only about half an hour to visit Bayonne, I walked quickly to cross a main bridge and took some photos. I saw green and red which are symbol of Basque. I back to station and arrived at Bordeaux by TGV.

Bordeaux is famous for its products of wine as everybody knows. It was too late to visit with guides but I was able to taste wines at Maison du Vin. I become a bit drunk, but happy enough. I took a TGV again after looked around the central area. But the train had been delayed for about an hour! Today’s transportation luck was probably the worst. I arrived at Tours. There were no vacancies in a hostel but checked in to a booked room.