25 Sept. München, Augsburg

[München continued]

München Hbf 2006.9.25 train 9.25 Augsburg Hbf

Augsburg Hbf 2006.9.25 train 9.25 München Hbf

München Hbf 2006.9.26 07:12 EC196 10:06 Bregenz

I slept very well last night. Checked out after breakfast and left my luggage at hostel. I went out to find a place to have my hair cut. Tourist information told me one was in the Hbf, but I couldn’t find it. Finally when I found one, it was too expensive so I decided to go to the place where I saw yesterday. Before got there, I dropped by pharmacy to buy some pills for my cold but Germans didn’t know ‘Sudafed’ either. So I got another thing but it didn’t really matter at all. I asked her where I can get my hair cut but she didn’t know either. I found there by myself after had ‘weißwürst’. It was €18 but she was professional. She couldn’t speak English very well so we need another person to translate. After haircut and shampoo, I made a topup for my mobile a little bit. I visited nearest museum but it was closed. I bought a welcome card but it became worthless because three museums where I wanted to visit were all not able to use it. One wouldn’t accept that discount, another one has student’s own discount. I never used things like ‘welcome card’ effectively. I’ll never buy this kind of card again. I also visited Deutsches museum which has almost everything about German tech.

I didn’t have enough time before tourist information in Augsburg closing, so I just took a train without my bag, there was also no vacant bed so I decided to stay at a hall of hostel tonight. Augsburg was just similar to the other typical German small towns.

I visited Olympic sites and Allianz Arena at night.


24 Sept. Salzburg (Austria – Germany) München

[Innsbruck continued]

Innsbruck Hbf 2006.9.24 11:30 EC565 13:29 Salzburg Hbf

Salzburg Hbf 2006.9.24 16:53 IC2290 18:34 München Hbf

[München continued]

A church bell had been ringing every quarter so I was able to get up easily. After check out, I wanted to go to the peak but tourist information told me it was closed and ‘sightseer’ bus was too expensive so I just decided to walk. I walked down to the Olympic sites, ‘ski jump’ site was the most impressive.

I took a train to Salzburg, it was passing Germany. I thought I had to change at another small Austrian town but I didn’t have to. It arrived earlier than I expected because it passed Germany.

Salzburg was also fascinating city but too touristy. I saw many Koreans here again. ‘The sound of Music’ tour was said to be the most famous in here but too expensive I just entered ‘Mozart’s’ houses.

Not only about that, the city itself was also very attractive with Innsbruck. The three Austrian cities I visited were all very good. Not because of the girls were pretty, but also Austria is ‘must come back’ country. I couldn’t stay too much time in Salzburg so I took another train to München. The both trains I took today was very clean, comfortable but all free, not like Italian trains. Italian trains were usually charge more except local trains.

In München, I found place to stay, though I didn’t expect but too expensive. €35 per night. The city was also wonderful. I’m going to visit a few museums and have my hair cut then going to visit Augsburg after that. I had a glass of beer in the hostel.

5 Sept. Meißen, Dresden

Leipzig Hbf 2006.9.05 08:42 ICE1553 09:39 Dresden Neustadt 9.05 train 9.05 Meißen

Meißen 9.05 train 9.05 Dresden Hbf

Dresden Neustadt 2006.9.06 train 9.06 Dresden Hbf 11:55 EC173 14:27 Praha Holešovice

I woke up too late as well as I’ve been doing these days. I had to pack my stuffs as quickly as I can and went to Hbf. I was in a worry that the possibility of accommodation because I heard that there would be no vacancies nowadays due to some festivals. But luckily I found one near Neustadt so I didn’t need to go to Meißen to get accommodation.

There was still no contact from Nicole, so I decided to visit Meißen first. It was really nice looking and unmissable ‘Porzellan-Manufaktur’ which is important porcelain factory for whole Europe was there. I visited the museum first because I thought it would not be enough to see all of them, but I had enough time to see the demonstration workshop as well. One of the workers has been working for the same workshop for 36 years! It looked that they were really enjoying their life with making Chinas.

Not only there, but also the town looked really nice, with fabulous castle up on a hill and cobbled squares. I had to leave this beautiful town to see Dresden. I expected to get a call from Nicole but there was still no contact from her. I should have given her a call earlier in the morning but I got up too late so I didn’t give her a chance to manage her time schedule to meet me. I gave up to see her after it became dark at night.

I strolled around Dresden by myself and I found it must be one of the ‘must come again’ cities with Baden-Baden. I would say that Baden-Baden, Dresden and Berlin could be top 3 German cities which is good for sightseeing.

I’m going to leave Germany tomorrow and come back about a month later to visit the world famous ‘Oktoberfest’ in München.