9 Sept. Budapest

Bratislava Hlavná 2006.9.09 07:16 MÁV2107 10:22 Budapest Nyugati

Budapest Keleti 2006.9.09 18:10 EN371 9.10 09:14 București Nord

I couldn’t get up when my alarm was ringing so the guy sleeping next to me woke me up. It was just five o’clock. I took a shower with a towel which hostel represented because I didn’t know when I can have a shower next time. And packed all my stuff in the hall. I checked out around six in the morning. It was the earliest time that I checked out.

I arrived at Budapest successfully but I couldn’t find Botond, so I sent a text with my last remaining 0.68 pounds of calling credit. We met finally and he showed me by driving his own car. He guided to Nicolas and Choondong in June. So he was already well-knew what and how to show me the city. He brought me up on a hill of Buda first to show me the castle and Citadella then he brought me to Pest to have our lunch together. I wanted to have something typical Hungarian food so Botond ordered a glass of Hungarian beer and a soup for me. The soup was really similar to Korean dishes and I ordered Paprika sauce more. I also have Turkey steak with Rice. I got really full. And we went to see more in Pest.

I met Korean women up on a hill near Citadella. They asked me if I was travelling by alone after I asked them to take a picture of me and Botond together. It is really interesting that there are many Korean tourists everywhere. Even more than Japanese or Chinese.

I gave a bottle of wine which I bought in Czech as a gift. And handed 4,000 Forints to Botond. He drove and guided me everywhere with his car even he has been busy recently. I left Budapest by train around six in the evening and met a British tourist and three Hungarian travellers in the same cabin now.