1 Oct. Genova (Italy – Monaco – France) Nice

[Genova continued]

Genova Piazza Principe 2006.10.01 12:55 EC144 15:45 Monaco-Monte Carlo

Monaco-Monte Carlo 2006.10.01 18:24 SNCF 18:48 Nice Ville

[Nice continued]

I just went to bed without having decide to stay one more night or not. In the morning, I decided to leave and unlikely I said goodbye to Spanish guys, Fernando got my email while Samuel was sleeping. I looked around city of Genova with carrying my bag until lunch time. I had to get my money back from Metro but there was no assistant so I just gave up and decided to keep it and got a train ticket. It would be my last ticketing in Italy. I arrived at Monaco.

Monaco was not France nor Italy but in the French area. So they were speaking French. I was happy that I left strange Italy. I don’t have to get the fuckin Italian trains again.

Monaco was really bright atmospheric with good weather and unmissable casino. It was called western Hongkong and easy to strolling around even I was carrying my heavy backpack. I was able to get back to train station with satisfaction. I got on a train to Nice, French fifth largest city.

It was not too difficult to get a place to stay even it was too late in the evening. In the room, I met a Croatian who had also stayed in Genova hostel with the Spanish guys together. It was surprising. I found it was too late to look around the city so I just had done my laundry and had a shower first then went out to just strolling around. I could see nice moonlight on the sea’s reflection. I would like to paint a piece named ‘Impression: moonlight’ just like Monet.


30 Sept. Torino, Genova

Lyon Part Dieu 2006.9.30 09:15 RE83505 10:31 Chambéry 10:58 TGV9241 13:25 Torino Porta Susa

Torino Porta Nuova 2006.9.30 17:20 D33025 19:34 Genova Piazza Principe

[Genova continued]

I took a TGV train for the first time today. I had to make a reservation but there was no vacant seat. So I just got on the train anyway and hided in a baby sitting room. There were no windows at all so I missed all the scenes out of window but I took it as a free of charge. TGV train’s facilities were very good. However everywhere was dirty as well as terrible smell in Lyon metro.

I arrived at Torino almost three hours later and moved to another bigger station to start day’s tour. I took an hour so I could catch the train to Genova which I was going to take. There was some kind of ceremony in the whole central area, it was Saturday, I realised that then. I also wanted to visit Olympic stadium and Fiat company but I didn’t have enough time again so I just directly go to the station.

I wanted to get on a train as soon as possible but the earliest one had only sleeping cars. So I had to have an argu with assistants. I took another train which departed later but I could get a map of Genova right after arrival fortunately. Even it was too late and there were no tourist information opened. The youth hostel was far up on a hill again. When I arrived it was already too dark so I can’t go outside at that time. I decided to stay and look around the city tomorrow. But two Spanish guys in the same room warned me to be care of Italian guy. He was really strange. He asked me to use same locker. Due to similar things happened to the Spanish guys as well, we moved an staff into lockers and made him to move to another room. All Spanish guys about 15 became all my friend. We took photos, had pizzas, watched a DVD together.

22 Sept. Verona, Milano

Venezia Santa Lucia 2006.9.21 22:52 EN358 9.22 00:24 Verona Porta Nuova

Verona Porta Nuova 2006.9.22 16:19 IC622 17:55 Milano Centrale

Milano Centrale 2006.9.22 21:05 IC641 22:40 Verona Porta Nuova 9.23 15:01 EC86 (Tiepolo) 18:33 Innsbruck Hbf

Unfortunately there was no free bed in that train last night so I got off at Verona. I didn’t know where to go, so I just slept in the station. When I got up it was almost seven in the morning and I waited three hours more for opening time of tourist information. After ten, I got a map and found a hostel but it was already midday.

I looked around Verona on the way to the station. I’ve been wondered mantegna a few days ago until now so I went into a gallery to see his pieces. It was his 500 anniversary. I’m happy that I know one more artist now. The city itself was bigger than I expected. The river was wide. I found the size of cities are deeply influenced by the size of the river runs through except London.

I took a train to Milano. It took almost two hours but I needed to sleep so it didn’t matter and also it was good way to save time. When I come back to Italy after visiting Lyon, I won’t have to come to Milano from Torino. I’ll be able to go directly from Torino to Genova. I really need to rush as much as I can so that I’ll be able to visit Spain too.

Milano was the most biggest city I’ve ever seen in Italy. Even bigger than the capital Roma and walled Bologna. It was much modern, some skyscrapers and people were also well-dressed. It was really the famous for fashion and design as I’ve heard before. It has the famous masterpiece, ‘The Last Supper’ but I couldn’t see that because it was too late when I was visiting Milano. I wanted to have my hair cut if I would have enough time but I couldn’t either. I just take a train back to Verona.