28 Aug. Trier (Germany) – Luxembourg

Frankfurt 2006.8.27 train 8.27 Mainz Hbf 8.28 train

train 2006.8.28 Koblenz Hbf 12:22 train 13:47 Trier Hbf

Trier Hbf 2006.8.28 14:56 IC436 15:39 Luxembourg

Luxembourg 2006.8.29 train 8.29 Strasbourg

I took a train which goes through the opposite site of river Rhine where I came to Mainz from Koblenz. I thought I could stop at Kaub but didn’t have enough time and I found it would be worthless because the ferry from Kaub to the famous Die Pfalz was useless. Die Pfalz, which is a symbol of Rhineland was under refurbishment. And it would take too long time to get to Loreley. It was not so closed to a station. But fortunately I was able to took a photo of famous Loreley statue. There was a couple strolling around the statue when I was passing there in the train. I arrived at Koblenz and changed a train to get to Trier where Karl Marx was born in and the oldest city in Germany. It looked really historic so well-fitted to the oldest city in Germany.

I took a train from Trier to Luxembourg. The first difficulty I found in Luxembourg was the language. They were speaking many kinds of language including their own strange language. So I didn’t know which language to use to the stranger in the street to ask somewhere’s location.

Luxembourg is not really touristic because it’s really a small country. I met a Japanese guy who speaks English very well. His mother was English teacher. I met one good friend here.

The city was also fine it made me think that worth to visit again. It was also UNESCO protected city. The whole scenery was really beautiful and easy to stroll around central town. Maybe I’ll come back again later. I’m going to Strasbourg and BadenBaden if I have enough time.